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Looking to find more calm, meaning
and fulfillment in your life?

Calling All Conscious Professional Women…

Do you regularly experience stress, overwhelm and mental exhaustion?

Do you feel distracted, unable to focus and find it difficult to take care of all of your responsibilities – both at work and home?

Do you have this gut feeling that ‘there has to be more to life?’

Do you know that you need some ME time but don’t feel like you can take even 15 minutes a day for yourself without feeling guilty?

If any of this resonates with you, you are in the right place!

I know, because I’ve been there myself and it is now my mission to help conscious, smart, accomplished women, like you, find that inner peace and happiness within, which is the foundation for being the best version of yourself – for you and for others.

Join me for:

The Inner Game of Life Beyond Stress, an 8 week one-on-one mentoring program (virtual) which will have you exchanging your stress and overwhelm, for feelings of joy, calm and clarity.

You’ll embark on a spiritual warrior’s journey to reclaim your happiness, purpose and resilience.

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What does Mindful Mentoring with Elizabeth look like?

With Mindful Mentoring, we’ll engage on a quest together. This is probably the most important quest you will ever embark on. As you tap into your inner intuitions and understandings, you will find wisdom that will help you learn and grow on your life’s journey.

With mindfulness, our perception of the world around us changes; helping us traverse the ups and downs of life with more grace and wisdom, leading us into deeper connections with others and finding the space between blind reactions and conscious responses. In addition, with emotional intelligence, we are more able to recognize how emotions can help (or hinder) us on our journey.

On this hero’s journey, you will learn mindfulness and meditation practices and we will look at your personal challenges, work related issues or a combination of both, as you develop a regular meditation practice and the real-life skills you need to feel happy, fulfilled and successful.

Other Mentoring Offerings with Elizabeth:

1. Mindfulness Instruction – mindfulness practice instruction in addition to practical tools and tips to bring mindfulness into your daily life.

2. Mindfulness Instruction and Mentoring – mindfulness practice instruction in addition to practical tools and tips to bring mindfulness into your daily life. We engage in one-on-one coaching to address issues, set realistic goals and develop action plans for measurable results.

No matter which offering you choose, an 8 week program is a good way to begin. We can also design a program that fits into your schedule.

Sessions are offered in person, via Skype or other web-based meeting platform (ex. Zoom).


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