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Where: The California Endowment, Los Angeles

STRESS LESS, ACHIEVE MORE: 3 Keys to Improving Performance and Well-Being with Mindfulness

Are you feeling pressured and overwhelmed with your responsibilities? Are you having trouble balancing your work and personal life?  Are you finding yourself constantly distracted and unable to focus? Whether a corporate or nonprofit professional, you know your work is important and contributing to society in positive ways, yet you find it difficult to keep up with the pace of work and you are not finding time for rest and quality time with loved ones.

If any of the above resonates, you are in the right place! Join Elizabeth for a workshop on mindfulness, a scientifically validated and practical way to bring more focus, clarity, calm and fulfillment to your life. Mindfulness meditation helps us be more present with those around us while learning to respond to all situations with insight and wisdom.

In this three hour workshop, you’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the benefits of mindfulness and the neuroscience behind it
  • Techniques on using mindfulness to improve your performance at work
  • Mental strategies that support a more mindful and resilient way of working and living
  • Instructions on mindfulness meditation (guided practices together) and a 10 minute practice you can use every day
  • Tips on bringing mindfulness into your daily life
  • An understanding of why ‘multi-tasking’ doesn’t work and what to do instead, and
  • Handouts and resources to help guide you on your onward journey

Research has shown that mindfulness meditation is associated with increases in focus and concentration, improved decision-making, better sleep and life satisfaction as well as reduced feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

The session will be fun and interactive and include business relevant examples and practical tools to help you be best the version of yourself at work – and in life.

The California Endowment (The Center for Healthy Communities)
1000 N. Alameda Street, Room: TAHOE
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Investment: TBD

For questions or more information on whether this workshop is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact Elizabeth via phone at 520.549.8359 or Click Here

FREE onsite parking!

Driving Directions

San Fernando Valley/ Hollywood
1. US 101 South
2. Exit Broadway
3. Left on Broadway
4. Right on Cesar Chavez
5. Left on Alameda
6. Right at Bauchet St. (1st stop light)
7. Continue to TCE parking lot

Santa Monica/Westside
1. I-10 East
2. CA 110 North
3. Just past downtown, follow signs on right to
“10 East San Bernardino/5 South Santa Ana” (US 101 South)
4. Exit Broadway
5. Left on Broadway
6. Right on Cesar Chavez
7. Left on Alameda
8. Right at Bauchet St. (1st stop light)
9. Continue to TCE parking lot

Pasadena/Northeast LA
1. CA 110 South
2. Exit Hill Street, go straight
3. Left on Alpine
4. Right on Broadway
5. Left on Cesar Chavez
6. Left on Alameda
7. Right at Bauchet St. (1st stop light)
8. Continue to TCE parking lot

San Gabriel Valley
1. I-10 West
2. US 101 North
3. Exit Alameda Street
4. Right on Alameda
5. Right at Bauchet St. (5th stop light)
6. Continue to TCE parking lot

Harbor Area/South LA
1. CA 110 North
2. Just past downtown, follow signs on right to
“10 East San Bernardino /5 South Santa Ana” (US 101 South)
3. Exit Broadway
4. Left on Broadway
5. Right on Cesar Chavez
6. Left on Alameda
7. Right at Bauchet St. (1st stop light)
8. Continue to TCE parking lot

Airport Directions
From Bob Hope Airport (Burbank)
1. North on Hollywood Way toward Burton Ave.
2. I-5 S
3. Merge onto I-110 S toward Los Angeles
4. Exit Hill St., go straight
5. Left on Alpine
6. Right on Broadway
7. Left on Cesar Chavez
8. Left on Alameda
9. Right at Bauchet St. (1st stop light)
10. Continue into TCE parking lot

From LAX (Inglewood)
1. Merge onto S. Sepulveda / CA-1 S. toward I-105
2. I-105 E toward Norwalk
3. Merge onto I-110 N toward Los Angeles
4. Just past downtown, follow signs on right to 10 E San Bernardino / 5 S Santa Ana (US 101 South)
5. Exit Broadway
6. Right on Cesar Chavez
7. Left on Alameda
8. Right at Bauchet St. (1st stop light)
9. Continue into TCE parking lot

Find Freedom from Distraction: Learn to Thrive in Our Modern World with Mindfulness

UPDATE: This event will be rescheduled for a later date.

Where: Vroman’s Bookstore, 709 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 120, Pasadena, CA (see below for registration details)

The world is changing rapidly. The presence of technology and social media places ever increasing demands on our attention. You may be finding it difficult to keep up with the abundance of information and the expectations of working in this fast-paced modern world. You may be feeling disconnected and your relationships are suffering.

Yet, what if you could meet stress gracefully and address challenges with openness and creativity?

What if you were more focused and present in all areas of your life?

Join Elizabeth for a four week series on developing mindfulness, a scientifically validated and practical way to bring more focus, calm, and happiness into your life. In this series, we will practice various meditation techniques that develop this quality of mindfulness, and you will receive instructions and be supported in doing a short daily meditation practice for the duration of the program. All levels of meditation experience are welcome.

Each session will be 90 minutes and incorporate information from neuroscience, positive psychology and wisdom teachings, to enhance the interactive learning experience.

In this series, we will cover:

Session 1: The Art of Paying Attention. We will look at the research around attention, emotion and behavior, and gain an understanding of how stress negatively affects both our mental and physical health. Participants will come away with ways to mindfully improve attention and reduce stress.

Session 2: Finding Sanity in a Digital World. We will look at mindful ways to enhance our use of technology (which may include reducing some of it) as a way to find balance between personal connection and the digital world. Many suggestions will be offered.

Session 3: Positive Relationships and Compassion. In this session, we will explore the importance of presence and deep listening in communication as a means to improve relationships both at work and with loved ones. Understanding compassion, including kindness and compassion for ourselves, can be powerful tools for connection and personal growth.

Session 4: Staying Cool Under Pressure. Though we would like it otherwise, stresses and challenges are a part of being human. Yet, we have the choice on how we react and cope with these situations. In this session we will look at how mindful resilience can help promote well-being and the ability to bounce back from the stresses of work and life more easily.

Each session will include a guided meditation together. The objective of the multi-session program will be for you to have a solid understanding of a few meditation practices that you will feel confident to continue on your own after the program is over.

In addition, sessions will be filled with tips and tools to bring mindfulness into your daily life immediately.

Note: As the sessions and practices will build on each other, we ask that you attend all sessions in the series. Registration will not be taken for an individual session. Specific content is subject to change.

Investment: TBD

Registration: Please call Vroman’s Customer Service at (626) 449-5320 to register for this event.

Special Note: All classes will take place in the Vroman’s Meeting Room, Suite 120 located next door to Vroman’s Main Store in the Atrium at 709 E. Colorado Blvd. Suite 120.

I look forward to seeing you there!