The Prather Group was founded by Elizabeth Prather
to consult and train in the area of mindfulness.

Elizabeth Prather was introduced to mindfulness and meditation over 20 years ago and she integrated it into her own work environments with great success. She has more than 15 years of leadership experience in health care management, non-profit and travel. Her areas of expertise have included managed care provider services operations, successfully managing in fast paced, rapidly growing organizations, training, customer service, strategic and operational healthcare consulting and travel management.

Elizabeth is an experienced teacher of mindfulness, both for individuals and within organizations. She is passionate about bringing mindfulness into businesses to cultivate environments where individuals can thrive and perform at their very best. Elizabeth’s Mindfulness at Work programs integrate her deep mindfulness practice and business acumen to ensure sustainable results for clients. Elizabeth brings her expertise to organizations looking for improved performance and well-being for their leaders and employees, and who are committed to improving employee retention and engagement. More information can be found HERE.

In addition, she mentors stressed and burned out professional women who are looking for more calm, purpose and balance in their lives. Check out her program offerings HERE. With a deep love of nature and travel, Elizabeth leads immersive experiences into the wilderness and abroad to help inspire and uplift you, using mindfulness as a core element of the journeys. See her upcoming journeys by CLICKING HERE.

In more recent years, Elizabeth divided her time between work and immersion into mindfulness and meditation through learning and extended retreats. Elizabeth engaged in a three year silent meditation retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition from 2010-2012, which was a transformative experience. During that retreat, it became clear to her that she should share the benefits of mindfulness and meditation with others, especially those working in stressful business environments.

Mission: To deliver mindfulness programs and related offerings to transform leaders, employees and the organizations they serve in positive and productive ways in order to create a more kind and peaceful world.