Mindful at Work

Mindful At Work

Improve Performance – Enhance Well-Being
Ensure Organizational Effectiveness

Towards a Mindful Culture…

We work with leaders to develop a program that connects with your organizational strategies and objectives. In this way, we work together towards a mindful culture. The program is designed to have sustainable impact with processes to easily integrate learning into one’s work-life.

Mindful at Work programs are for organizations looking to improve focus, clarity, effectiveness, productivity, creativity and well-being of their employees. From C-suites to the factory floor, from company offices to remote office locations, mindfulness will be of benefit.

With mindfulness training, you can expect to:

  • Enhance the effectiveness and well-being of your work force
  • Cultivate leaders that are focused, self-aware and effective
  • Build workplace cultures based on understanding, connection and collaboration

Programs are delivered in-house or online – or a combination of the two, depending on the organization’s needs.

In partnership with the Potential Project, the leading global provider of corporate mindfulness, we offer programs that have been used by 250+ clients and 50,000 people to date.

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Choose the program that is right for your organization:

Introductory workshops – from 90 minutes to full day workshops introducing mindfulness to your organization.

Signature Multi-session programs: series of 5-8 sessions that integrate mindfulness practice, work themes and mental strategies to give participants a full understanding of mindfulness, its benefits and how to apply it to their lives. It includes tools and resources to help sustain the benefits of the program long term.

Mindful Leadership Programs

Programs are designed to help leaders improve performance, effectiveness and teamwork through mindfulness. Focus is on improving decision-making, leading in uncertainty, enhancing leadership potential, ethical decision-making, mindful communication and more. Programs are customized to meet organizational objectives and goals.

Mindful Leadership offerings include:

  • Workshops – 90 minute to full day leadership workshops
  • 1 -3 day Leadership Intensive retreats
  • Customized programs that can be included in already developed leadership initiatives or retreats
  • Signature Multi-session programs: series of 5-8 week sessions designed specifically for leaders

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